произношение: IPA: /θɹəʊ/ ˈθroʊ /θɻoʊ/    

Преводи на български:

  • хвърлям 
  • хвъ́рлям 
    to cause an object to move rapidly through the air
  • изхвърлям 
  • мятам 

Други значения:

(Of a horse) To cause its rider to fall off.
A single instance, occurrence, venture, or chance.
(transitive) To imprison.
To cause (an object) to move rapidly through the air, with the force of the hand or arm.
(ceramics) To make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel.
(transitive, said of one's voice) To change in order to give the illusion that the voice is that of someone else.
The flight of a thrown object; as, a fast throw.
(transitive) To eject or cause to fall off.
(transitive, bridge (card game)) To discard
A distance travelled; displacement; as, the throw of the piston.
(transitive, cricket) Of a bowler, to deliver (the ball) illegally by straightening the bowling arm during delivery.
(to) cast away
To organize an event, especially a party.
(to) throw
(veterinary) The act of giving birth in animals, especially in cows.
Pain, especially pain associated with childbirth; throe
(figuratively) To send desperately
(transitive) To move to another position; to displace.
(transitive) To project or send forth
(transitive, computing) To send (an error) to an exception-handling mechanism in order to interrupt normal processing.
The act of throwing something.
To roll (a die or dice).
(transitive) To cause a certain number on the die or dice to be shown after rolling it.
move to another position
to eject or cause to fall off
(obsolete) A moment, time, occasion.
(obsolete) A period of time; a while.
a distance travelled
flight of a thrown object
A piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing.
(transitive, informal) To confuse or mislead.
(sports) to intentionally lose a game
piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing
To organize or be responsible for (e.g. a party, a course, etc.)
(transitive, said of animals) To give birth to.
(martial arts) To lift the opponent off the ground and bring him back down, especially into a position behind the thrower.
make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel
(transitive) To subject someone to verbally.
(transitive) To cause an object to move rapidly through the air.
(transitive) To show sudden emotion, especially anger.

Подобни фрази в речника английски български. (8)

throw downразрушавам
throw inвключвам
throw offсвалям; хвърлям
throw openотварям
throw outизхвърлям; хвърлям
throw upизхвърлям; повръщам
to throwхвърлям

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Примерни изречения с "throw", превод на паметта

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Throwing a hammer at my head!Да хвърлиш чук по мен!
Well, for today we' il just have to throw spitballs at his neck in classЕ, за днес само ще хвърляме наплюнчени топчета по врата му в клас
He' il throw it at my faceЩе ми го хвърли в лицето
I just made those phone calls to throw Stanley off my scent... and maybe give Big Ern a little paybackНаправих телефонните обаждания, за да заблудя Стенли и може би да дам на Големия Ърн малка отплата
So, the killer hides on Adam' s boat, he waits until Adam is out to sea, hits him over the head with a weapon and then throws the weapon and the body overboardЗначи, убиеца се скрива в лодката на Адам, изчаква го да отплава в морето, удря го по главата с нещо и след това хвърля оръжието и тялото зад борда
Now, I could throw a load of cash at you anywayМога да хвърля много пари по теб, все пак
Throw some money at him, Miss Williams, and make him go awayПръснете малко пари по него г- це Уилямс, и го накарай да се разкара
Again like greening, people talk about food security as a throw-away line.Както с екологизирането, хората говорят за продоволствената сигурност като в рекламна листовка.
Throw the trash awayИзхвърли боклука
Catch this rope when I throw it to youХвани въжето, когато го хвърля
And in the end, the lamb throws himself from an overpass to escape his sinsНакрая кочът се хвърля от надлез, за да се избави от греховете си
So, for God' s sakes, don' t throw it all away just becauseТака че, за Бога, не захвърляй всичко това само заради
You like to throw yourself into the fray, come what mayХвърляш се винаги в боя
Throw something!Може да ударя Джак- джак
Would he throw up his hands and just walk away?Нима Той ще захвърли всичко и ще отиде далеч?
You gotta be able to play him, tease him, mold him, manipulate him, maybe even throw in a little bit of ground baitТрябва да можеш да я изиграеш, разнищиш моделираш, манипулираш, може би дори да хвърлиш малко стръв
We' il throw around the pigskin, crack a few beersЗащо не се отбиете до къщата по- късно?
On the lake.Some boys were throwing things at them and Mummy told them offЕдни момчета ги замеряха и мама им каза да спрат
But on your birthday, you throw huge parties for yourselfНо на твоя рожден ден правиш огромни партита
And then, to protect themselves... they issue an apology to Mr. Pennington, and then they throw Monica Hunter... into the jaws of the very media machine that she bent to her own malicious willИ после, за да се предпазят те излъчват извинение до г- н Пенингтън и после хвърлят Моника Хънтър право в челюстите на медийната машина.Нейната злонамереност ще я застигне
The fuck' s all this silver paper they' re throwing at us?К' ва е тая сребриста хартия, с която ни замерват?
Like I could throw up at any minuteСякаш ще повърна всеки момент
Bivens throws the ball to ‧ndБивънс хвърля топката към ‧- ра
I' m just throwing this out there, but killing your clients can' t be good for businessМоже да се лъжа, но убийството на клиент не помага в работата, нали?
If we sort this out, we will be able to rein in the unnecessary throwing around of money and still come out with a net profit.Ако ние ги разпределяме правилно, ще можем да контролираме ненужното разхищаване на средства и дори да получаваме нетна печалба.
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