произношение: IPA: /θɹəʊ/ ˈθroʊ /θɻoʊ/    

Преводи на български:

  • хвърлям 
  • изхвърлям 
  • мятам 

Други значения:

to cause an object to move rapidly through the air
(Of a horse) To cause its rider to fall off.
A single instance, occurrence, venture, or chance.
(transitive) To imprison.
To cause (an object) to move rapidly through the air, with the force of the hand or arm.
(ceramics) To make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel.
(transitive, said of one's voice) To change in order to give the illusion that the voice is that of someone else.
The flight of a thrown object; as, a fast throw.
(transitive) To eject or cause to fall off.
(transitive, bridge (card game)) To discard
A distance travelled; displacement; as, the throw of the piston.
(transitive, cricket) Of a bowler, to deliver (the ball) illegally by straightening the bowling arm during delivery.
(to) cast away
To organize an event, especially a party.
(to) throw
(veterinary) The act of giving birth in animals, especially in cows.
Pain, especially pain associated with childbirth; throe
(figuratively) To send desperately
(transitive) To move to another position; to displace.
(transitive) To project or send forth
(transitive, computing) To send (an error) to an exception-handling mechanism in order to interrupt normal processing.
The act of throwing something.
To roll (a die or dice).
(transitive) To cause a certain number on the die or dice to be shown after rolling it.
move to another position
to eject or cause to fall off
(obsolete) A moment, time, occasion.
(obsolete) A period of time; a while.
a distance travelled
flight of a thrown object
A piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing.
(transitive, informal) To confuse or mislead.
(sports) to intentionally lose a game
piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing
To organize or be responsible for (e.g. a party, a course, etc.)
(transitive, said of animals) To give birth to.
(martial arts) To lift the opponent off the ground and bring him back down, especially into a position behind the thrower.
make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel
(transitive) To subject someone to verbally.
(transitive) To cause an object to move rapidly through the air.
(transitive) To show sudden emotion, especially anger.

Подобни фрази в речника английски български. (8)

throw downразрушавам
throw inвключвам
throw offсвалям; хвърлям
throw openотварям
throw outизхвърлям; хвърлям
throw upизхвърлям; повръщам
to throwхвърлям

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Примерни изречения с "throw", превод на паметта

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I' m throwing him out, him!Искам той да се махне оттук!
Throw the case over, and you can goХвърли го насам и сте свободни!
Major Kira' s certainly throwing herself into the role, DoctorДлъжен съм да кажа, че майор Кира блестящо се вживя в ролята си
I think we throw that out and start with the originalМисля, че трябва да забравим това и да започнем с началните ‧ мъже
Get to class before I throw you all in the ChokeyОтивайте в час преди да съм хвърлила всички ви в Душегубката
Now I don' t have a lot of money or anything, but I' d be willing to throw in a couple of bucks every month and take him on the weekends once in a whileСега нямам много пари, но ще успея да отделям по малко всеки месец и да го взимам през уикендите понякога
If we go back to the house now, we can just throw some things in a bag and we' il meet him thereАко се върнем в къщата, ще сложим някоя дреха в чантата и ще го видим
Well, if you' re throwing it awayАми добре, ако ще я хвърляте
She' il get on top of you and throw you around like a rag doll, which is something that most men loveЩе ти се нахвърли и ще те размята, като парцалена кукла на повечето мъже им харесва
Glad I didn' t throw itРадвам се, че не я хвърлих аз
Don' t throw me down, ClarkНе ме хвърляй, Кларк
You' re gonna make me throw up on the cakeЩе повърна върху тортата
Can I throw my pants in?Мога ли да дам панталоните си?
Oh, now you' re going to throw growing up in foster care in my face?Откакто те осиновиха ли?
" Why didn' t you throw this earlier, I would have finished the game! "Защо не хвърли тази карта по- рано щях да свърша играта!
Mr. Peng' s throwing up againГосподин Пенг повръща отново
I would like to point out that we should by no means throw the baby out with the bath water in the general fundamental rights protection system, and therefore, we should always be mindful of the concrete facts and attempt to translate the expectations we are debating here today into something tangible.Искам да подчертая, че по никакъв начин не трябва покрай несъщественото да изхвърляме и същественото в общата система на защита на основните права, винаги трябва да отчитаме конкретните факти и да се опитаме да превърнем очакванията, които разискваме днес, в нещо материално.
It doesn' t mean that we throw away the rule book and stop acting like humansТова не значи, че трябва да правим това и да не се държим като хора
We should also not be using our quality standards as an excuse to ban imports from farmers in developing countries, throwing those farmers into poverty, and then taking our taxpayers' money to throw at corrupt governments when the farmers fall into poverty.Не следва също така да използваме стандартите си за качество като претекст да забраним вноса от земеделски стопани от развиващите се държави, като по този начин ги обричаме на бедност, а след това използваме пари на нашите данъкоплатци, за да ги даваме на корумпирани правителства, когато земеделските стопани изпаднат в бедност.
OK, throw it to meДобре, хвърли ми я
Now get down there, bird- watcher, before I throw you downСлизай долу, наблюдателко на птици, преди да съм те хвърлил аз
Something is throwing those shadowsНо все нещо хвърля тези сенки
Mike, she' s throwing a lot of smokeМайк, излиза доста пушек
We do not throw thingsТова животно опасно ли е?
Anyone who makes smart, he would throw it!Никой да не мърда!На пода!
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